Saturday, 20 August 2011

What do i expect on a first date :)

Well, honestly I don’t expect much. First dates are first dates, it shouldn’t be too much. But I expect to get to know a lot about the person on first dates. I expect it to be anywhere peaceful and calm, and we can just sit down and talk about our lives, our expectations, our past, present, future, anything we could talk about. I expect laughs, smiles, and seriousness. I’d love to also be taken out somewhere to eat at first dates, it could be anything honestly, from a small gesture like buying candy and eating it while walking together to having dinner at a nice restaurant. But what would really hit me is if we walked around eating something “to go” and feeding it to each other, watching the sunset, and just having a good time. As long as there are smiles, and a better understanding of each other, then I’m perfectly fine with it. No need for big gestures, small ones can mean as much as big ones. I don’t really ask for much. Knowing myself I am a very simple girl, and some of the most simple things in life, can mean so much to me. That’s all.

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